Zbor-za-publiko mala fotka

For the fifth season we are preparing public discussions about independent contemporary performances. Our creation is closely linked to the problems of today. We wonder if we are opening these issues in the right way. Are we dealing with the relevant issues? Do we know how to get in touch with the reality in which you live in and you brought to the performance? Are we digging too shallow or too deep, too hard or too weak? Audience response for us, creators and producers, is extremely important and it doesn’t matter whether you praise or criticize. With The Audience Council we want to promote a dialogue between you and us, our ambitions and your expectations, between art and reality. Our desire is that creators, producers and viewers become an organically linked circle of contemporary performing practice.

The Audience Council seeks to connect Ljubljana’s independent performing arts scene in the most basic common denominator that constitutes our endeavor into a meaningful activity, namely the spectator. At each Council we will discuss on current performances on the Ljubljana independent scene with the aim to form the space for reflection, discussion and dialogue on what we watched, how we watched and what we saw.

The Council thus strives to propel a vibrant exchange of exclusively spectator’s experience, opinions, reflections and expectations. It’s not about whether these performances are brilliant masterpieces or whether they’re average, it’s not about grades and classifications, it’s not about the overlooked or about the notorious performances, it’s about opening up a space that allows for a difference to emerge, the difference between what we were watching and what we saw. In short, it’s about the spectator’s representation about a performance.


The Audience Council #1  2016/2017: 23rd October, 8pm, after the performance of  Via Negativa: The Ninth at the Old Power Station-Elektro Ljubljana.

The Audience Council #2  2016/2017: 10th November, 8pm, after the performance of Damir Avdič: Mephisto at Mini Teater.

The Audience Council #3 2016/2017: 19th November,  8pm, after the performance of Beton Ltd.: Ich kann nicht anders at  Sports Club Tabor hall (Tabor 13).

The Audience Council #4 2016/2017: 3rd December,  8pm, after the performance of  Pavol Liška, Kelly Copper and EnKnapGroup: Pursuit of happiness at Španski borci.

The Audience Council #5 2016/2017: 12th February, 8pm after the performance of Nina Šorak: Evolutionary slip at Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana.

The Audience Council #6 2016/2017: 14th March, 8pm after the performance of Snježana Premuš: Physical manifestations at Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana.

Moderated by: Jedrt Jež Furlan

Organized by: Bunker, Via Negativa, Maska in Mesto žensk.

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