160824 Ich kann nicht anders 011foto.nada.zgankPhoto: Nada Žgank

Tuesday, 22 November 2016 at 6pm and 9pm
Narodni Dom cultural centre, Maribor

The performance is in Slovene with English surtitles.

The creative poetics of group Beton Ltd. (Katarina Stegnar, Branko Jordan, Primož Bezjak) is marked by a search for personal interventions into global issues – their position is often one of performers –, the exploration of new, hybrid performing arts formats and mastery over a range of techniques. Ich kann nicht anders is their fifth performance, whose counterpoint between complete intimacy and echoes of global events plays reminiscence to the thesis of Srećko Horvat that a true revolution is always a revolution of everything, the complete range of social relationships, even those most intimate.

The world all around is overwhelmed with happening, saturated with change. If a single constant can be identified, it is uncertainty. We sense new currents yet their trajectory remains obscure. One possible strategy to combat the deafening noise of the world is a retreat into the inner sanctum. Not surrender, but the defense of one’s own intimate realm from the outside bedlam. A repositioning into intimacy, where freedom is possible and utopia is – now.

75 minutes

Concept and direction: Beton Ltd.
Performers: Katarina Stegnar, Branko Jordan, Primož Bezjak
Music: Dead Tongues
Set design: sonda4, Toni Soprano
Costume: Mateja Benedetti
Sound design: Jure Vlahovič
Dramaturgy assistant: Urška Brodar
Head technician: Andrej Petrovčič
Technician: Martin Lovšin
Executive producer: Maja Vižin
Production: Bunker, Ljubljana

 The performance Ich kann nicht anders will be presented within the framework of the performing arts programme “Nagib na oder” 2016/2017. (www.nagib.si)