0narava7Photo: Janko Oven

Popular sci-fi stage documentary based on a novel Galapagos by Kurt Vonnegut.

Evolution is blind and stupid. Its direction is not predetermined, but rather randomly determined by the environment. In the course of evolution, an animal species may become ever more complex or more simple, but in any case it is becoming better adapted to its habitat. From the perspective of human life, evolution is happening slowly and does not directly affect the individual. Its effects are only visible over many generations. An important factor affecting the evolution is sexual selection. From the perspective of the logic of survival, sexual selection can lead to very senseless behavior, feather colors or body shapes, such as for example the antlers of the Irish elk, or the colorful peacock feathers, or the large human brain. Sonner or later, evolutionary mistakes are eliminated by environmental factors. In a million years.

“Is it possible to doubt that such heavy brain in the evolution of the human species was responsible for all the evil that we have seen and heard pretty much everywhere? No. There is simply no other explanation. The Earth was a very innocent planet, except for that giant brain.” Kurt Vonnegut

Directed by: Nina Šorak
Dramaturgy: Urša Adamič
Text: Nina Šorak, Urša Adamič
Performing: Nataša Živkovič, Rok Kravanja, Zala Ana Štiglic
Voice: Ivan Lotrič
Video scenography: Pila Rusjan

Costumes counselling: Ina Ferlan
Scenography counselling: Lenka Đorojević
Music by: Katarina Rešek – Kukla
Light design: Janko Oven

Mediator: Vid V. Vodušek

Marketing: Neža Peterle
Production: KUD Transformator
Co-production: Zavod Bunker, Gledališče Glej, KD Galerija GT, Zavod BOB
Project is supported by Municipality of Ljubljana – Department for Culture.

Sponsors: NPE poslovne in energetske storitve d.o.o., GEE družba za izvajanje energetskih storitev d.o.o., Vinarstvo Černigoj, Delamaris d.o.o.
Thanks to: Ivan Lotrič, Vid Vanja Vodušek, Nika Žalec, Alma Kapun Dolinar, Alja Kapun, Nina Bric, Teater Janez Jalen, Darko Pokorn, Nataša Turk, Laren Polič Zdravič, Štefan Cerjak, Dario Nožić Serini, Urša B. Potokar, Valerie Wolf Gang, Dejan Štefančič, Tin Grabnar, Peter Perunović


After the performance Ferbuary 12 at the Old Power Station-Elektro Ljubljana The Audience Council #5 will occur.

It will be moderated by Jedrt Jež Furlan.

Organized by: Bunker, Via Negativa, Maska in Mesto žensk.

Information and ticket reservation: info@bunker.si
Tickets: 10 eur, 7 eur (students, seniors)