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Photo: Nada Žgank

Tonight, dreams are allowed. Tomorrow is a new day.
What happens when two newcomers from the Balkans take this epic wisdom dead serious? The Oath will give you all, yet demanding nothing from you.
Welcome to our kafana, and let the party start!

Although you will be longing for a conceptual piece, you will find yourself in an atmosphere where you will be able to relax and search for the point of it, beginning with the tablecloth. You will enjoy the ultimate sounds of the Balkans, perhaps checking whether anyone is watching you. From the safety and convenience of your seat, you will witness a tragicomic solemn act that you will most likely never have to experience yourselves. It is necessary to attend the oath, since tomorrow – no matter how many drinks we will have – is a new day.

Lana Zdravković, Nenad Jelesijević (tandem Kitch) – hosts
Teja Drobnjak, Evin Hadžialjević, Bela Pikalo, Eva Lah, Olivera Milašinović – dancers
Gal Oblak, Žan Mrhar – waiters

Concept: Kitch
Consulting: Bojan Jablanovec, Andreja Kopač, Katarina Stegnar
Dance and choreography: Teja Drobnjak, Evin Hadžialjević, Sara Janašković, Eva Lah, Tanja Sabol
Sound design and conducting: Jure Vlahovič (alt. Rok Kovač, Jan Turk)
Costumes: Mateja Fajt
Makeup: Tina Prpar
Space and lighting conceptualization, graphic design: Kitch
Lighting design and conducting, technical coordination: Andrej Petrovčič
Photo documentation: Nada Žgank
Production: Kitch, Ljubljana, 
Co-production: Bunker, Ljubljana
Thanks for the support and/or inspiration: Maja Delak, Mojca Jug, Alma R. Selimović, Primož Bezjak 

75 min

The number of guests is limited.
For mandatory reservations, please contact us at
Tickets: 7 €

The Oath is self-financed through contributions that help its preservation. Your investment will be repaid several times.